If You are a Christian …

If you claim to be a Christian, shouldn’t you understand the history of the religion you claim?  When I looked into this several summers ago, I was astonished!

Did you know that Catholicism is named in the writings of at least one ‘early church father’ by 106 A.D.?  Catholicism (universal) claimed the title, ‘the true Christianity’. Who were the other, ‘false’ Christians?!?  Why were the apostles not proclaimed the ‘church fathers’?  Because Catholicism, the forerunner of Protestantism, was a wholly NEW religion which sought to distance itself from The Way/Nazarenes who were Jewish Believers.  They actually claimed a desire to destroy that movement!

The Roman-Catholic Church was in a struggle to control the Roman peoples who were moving away from their polytheistic order.  They combined paganism with faith in Jesus, giving the names of saints to previously provable polytheistic gods.  They also made edicts changing the Sabbath, specifically to distance themselves from the Jews and doctrines that were wholly unBiblical.  Jesus was a Jew!!!  What does that tell you?

Maybe you should read the writings of the ‘early church fathers’ and the early Roman-Catholic Church for yourself, and look into its history.  Religion is control, Faith is freedom

via Apocrypha and its Importance

About 2iceblest

A Jew by birth, a believer by Biblical study, a servant by faith, and a watchman on the wall.
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